Poseidon Advisor


Fully automated MT4 trades, not limit to currency pairs.


Fully automated MT4 trades, not limit to currency pairs 

Main Features:

  • Low Risk (Stop loss established inside the EA and Maximum DrawDown in the inputs)

  • No martingala, hedging or grids

  • Lot manage programmed with an advanced Neuro networks.

  • Works with all the markets and currency pairs.

  • Not necesary to set up any input, all automatic

  • Minimum recommended amount 1000 USD 

  • Suitable for experienced traders and beginners!

Recommendation: Use short Timeframes for better results. Maximum H1 timeframes.

Recommendation: Major pairs with low spreads

Note I : Stop loss well defined, is not public because we pretending to avoid posible broker fake touchs

Note II : We do not lie with our results making optimizations with just one currency and it works for years!


Magic Number: The Magic Number used for the trades, associated with the EA.
Maximum DrawDown %: When the EA has lost this certain ammount of % of your Equity, it will accept its losses and restart the Neural Network Lot Manage.
Profit To Stop: At certain ammount of money earned, the EA will stop running. (that way you can withdraw your profits or re-addapt the risk)
Minimum Lot: The minimum Lot the EA will use to open the trades.
Lot Manage: There are 5 types of behaviour  you can use, select the one than addapts better to your trading, account, pair and timeframe selected.

Addapt the inputs to your Account, Pair and Timeframe.


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