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The tailor of the strategies and Ea. We have programmed this indicator to monitor the strategies you have selected. Strategy Improver also allows you to create your perfect strategy.

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We are glad to introduce you to the tailor of the strategies and Ea. We have programmed this indicator to monitor the strategies you have selected. In other words, have you ever liked knowing what would happen if you chose “x” strategies? would you like to have the information of more than 50 strategies combinations to use it for further operations? If it so, you got the perfect tool. Strategy improver give you the answer. It provides you the information to filter your strategies to be the maximum profitable. StrategyImprover also allows you to create your perfect strategy. 

Do not waste your time anymore. Suppress the bad operations

The main goal of our algorithm is to help you to find your best strategy. 

Unique features:

  • More than 40 strategies to be chosen

  • It calculates when the selected strategies are in bullish, neutral or bearish zone

  • Analyzes the backtested Expert Advisors, to find the best filters or close conditions

  • It includes a Dashboard that indicates the percentage of good or bad buy/sells of the original strategy and the improved one.  

  • There is another complete Dashboard with buttons and explanations for all possible functions

  • It points if the selected strategy and future operation are profitable or not

  • Simple design 

  • Simulate new strategies instantly (with visuals trades on the chart like Backtesting but without Backtesting)

  • Reference Code Calculation to save or share your preferred combinations


How to use it:

Step 1.-  Select all the strategies and rules you want activated for bullish or bearish signal by a click of the buttons, or inside the inputs

Step 2.-    If desired, modify the extra parameters

Step 3.-   Check the results and if you have found a winner strategy (according to your comfortable way of trading


Let’s suppose you want to:

1. Create your own profitable strategy

Choose the chart you want to simulate your strategy. Select from the Strategy Improver Dashboard the options “Simulate New”. Select the Strategies and options you want to use and check the results displayed as visual orders on the chart, and the total results on the Dashboard.

2. Improve your Expert Advisor adding filters to avoid bad orders

With Strategy Improver you can automatically see which filters are good for your expert advisor. In addition, we have added an automatic function to work specifically with backtested Experts Advisors. This function informs the results if the strategies/filters would be used. For example:

Let’s suppose we want to improve the results of one of our Expert Advisor. We just have to backtest the expert advisor, and once the backtesting is over, we attach the Strategy Improver to the chart.
Now select the possible filters you want to use and check the results on Dashboard.

    Aditional Notes

    • The testing version without purchase only allows the use of Moving Averages Rule 2 and ADX Rule 1

    • Perfectly accurate results should be calculated doing backtesting with real tick data and real spread information.

      • The default color of Strategy Improver is made for Color Scheme: Black on White.

      • All the functions are explained with “info” buttons.

      • Reference Code is unique for each strategy. Due the high number of combination, it’s split on 2; save both.

      Input Parameters:

      – Show Commands: To hide the dashboards and show only the zones. Strategy Improver was designed to work mainly to study and test on the whole chart. But if you want to use the zones for your real trading, you may want to hide completely the Dashboards.
      – Delay Bar: Our simulation tries to emulate the real market environment 
      with the fastest and most precise method based on the completed history bars. Due Metatrader limitations we can’t simulate spreads or minor tick movements inside one bar. <Delay 1 bar> function simulates the waiting of the close of the candle, delaying all the actions but having 100% confirmation. Recommended to avoid fake possible entries and exits, or for those EA’s that explicitly control bar opening.

      The rest of the inputs are explained inside the Dashboard and we can’t include them all here.

      Share with us your preferred Reference Codes!

      3 reviews for Strategy Improver

      1. Mirko Lechelt

        Very very good indicator!!!

        Thank you.

      2. fabbry72


        Indicator 5 stars and more ………..

        I use it modality “Minimum_Activated_Strategies=2” with the following filters




        to identify the trend and momentum

        Great great job, congratulations to the author: good brain for a fantastic idea!!!!

        All the best to you, thanks


      3. Stuart Beard

        Superb indicator. Fantastic as a filter for trades. Support has been extremely good.

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